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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you HIPAA-compliant?

Fast Medical Billing is fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements and standards.

What’s included in your services?

Our services include the following:

  • Review demographic and insurance data and charge sheets received from you to ensure accuracy (e.g., CPT coding, modifiers, diagnoses linkage)

  • Prepare and submit claims within 24-36 hours, regardless of volume

  • Assist with coding to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials

  • Electronic submission of claims

  • Post payments received to patient accounts

  • Post adjustments according to provider’s Managed Care contract profiles, monitoring the profiles for reimbursement accuracy

  • Send statements to patients and follow-up non-payment by phone and mail

  • Review all claims on a regular basis and appeal denials or resubmit claims as necessary

  • Customized monthly reports, including AR, Claim Status, and Payments Posted

  • Advise physicians on any changes in HCFA requirements, CPT, and ICD-9 coding to maximize their reimbursement

  • Assist in fee schedule review/updates annually (automated fee/profile schedule updates)

What if a patient call with a billing question?

Our number is printed on your patients’ statements, and a Billing Specialist will handle all billing questions.

What if I already have billing software?

If you prefer to use your own billing software, in most cases, our billers can operate it remotely for you. We follow the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards required by HIPAA to maintain or transmit electronic healthcare information. These same methods are utilized by insurance companies, clearinghouses, healthcare providers, and banks all over the world. We do not maintain your data; your data remains on your computer or software server, and is never transferred out of your office.

What if I don’t have billing software?

For clients that do not have their own billing software, we can use our recommended cost-effective solution for your practice. The benefits of billing software include electronic submission, included clearinghouse fees, and readily available reports accessible by your office. In addition, each practice is registered as an electronic user with insurance payors, allowing staff to check claim status online.

How often do you send out patient statements?

As your billing service, we follow the policies and procedures of your practice. We send out patient statements as per your current operations.

Who collects payments?

Payments are sent directly to your office or via direct deposit. FMB is not involved in the payment process. We bill, follow-up, and reconcile payments, but never manage fiscal transactions.

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