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We wanted to focus on solutions that decreased overhead and maximized revenue for solo and small group private practices. With Fast Medical Billing, we have done just that – created a superior, professional billing service that exceeds expectations.

We have the ability to maximize revenue

Through increased charge capture, increased net collection rates, and improved denial management, our team captures every dollar you have worked for.

Persistent claim follow-up

We track each and every claim on a regular basis. That way, we know the status on every claim and can pursue it until it is resolved. Every week, your office is made aware of any outstanding issues, and we regularly request information that is needed to support claims issues.

Track Record

With headquarters in NYC, and over $60M in billing revenue in New York, California, and Florida, FMB is the first to provide these services in Illinois.


Seamless Transition

We minimize the amount of changes to your workflow by utilizing your current billing system, high-speed scanners, and following your billing policies and procedures.

Small Team Approach

Your practice will have a team of AAPC and AHIMA certified billers and coders. Each claim is triple-checked for accuracy before submitted. The entire process is overseen by a physician. Our team aggressively works each step of the revenue cycle to maximize collection.

Certified Coders and Billers

Our coders and billers have ongoing continuing education and are trained in the CPT and CMS changes that occur every year. We are fully prepared for the transition to the ICD-10 and EDI Version 5010, and can assist your practice with this process.

Personal Service

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Fast Medical Billing will always provide service in person, at your office.


Though your billing is outsourced, your office will always be abreast of your claims. Daily communication, weekly updates, and monthly reports will allow your office to stay informed of your patients’ accounts.

HIPAA Compliance

Fast Medical Billing is HIPAA compliant and follows stringent guidelines to maintain compliance at all times. All data remains on your computer, and all of our solutions follow the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards required by HIPAA to maintain or transmit electronic healthcare information. These same methods are utilized by insurance companies, clearinghouses, healthcare providers, and banks all over the world.


Patient Relations

As representatives of your practice, we follow your policies and procedures in contacting, billing, and following up with your patients. Your AR team will be dedicated to your practice’s policies.


The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing is measured on so many levels: accelerated cash posting rates, streamlined revenue cycle processes, decreased labor costs, reduced sash posting errors, enhanced researching capabilities, and greater data flexibility.


Combined, these measures can result in cost savings that essentially cover the cost of the service.

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